JSC "Alksmio dūmas" has been operating successfully in Lithuanian market since 1997. Over the years “Alksnio dūmas” has visibly expanded the scope of activities and the assortment. The company offers its consumers over 60 names of products.  The consumers are offered pork, beef, chicken and turkey products.

The main specialization of the company is the production of cold smoked sausages. “Alksnio dūmas” applies the traditional Lithuanian technology in producing sausages and rounded sausages – the sausages are keeping in the smokes for a couple of days using specially prepared black alder sawdust.

They distinguish for their good taste, smell of smoke, therefore they remind of the best traditional Lithuanian home made products and are very attractive for the consumer.


Adress: Klevų g. 36

LT - 38444 Vaivadų k.,

Panevėžio raj.

Technological department, on production terms, assortment and supply.

Technological department : Contact phone: 8-614 07 749

E-mail. alksniodumas@gmail.com

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